Our Mission and Objectives.

Azraq’s mission is to safeguard the biodiversity of delicately balanced oceanic ecosystems for future generations. Our objectives are to achieve cleaner and healthier oceans by increasing the protections of oceanic ecosystems and marine life, as well as by raising awareness of issues impacting the marine environment, and the life within it.


What we offer.

Azraq creates an environment with students, individuals and corporate organisations to CONNECT or RECONNECT with the ocean environment through a range of activities arranged with external partners such as scuba diving, snorkelling, kayaking or paddle boarding, in conjunction with EDUCATION and AWARENESS presentations and/or workshops. We aim to MOTIVATE and ACTIVATE the community to take different approaches in their every-day lives, positively impacting the ocean and, as a result, their own health, while ensuring our own operations do not create unnecessary waste. Additionally, we utilise a volunteer base to deliver our programs, whether it be education, auditing waste, monitoring trials, collecting and re-purposing waste products, hosting informative documentary screenings or other eco-focussed events and activities.


Job Description.

This newly formed role will be assisting the Managing Director in various administrative capacities, not limited to:

  • Contacting our stakeholders for information gathering

  • Researching articles and topics for social media

  • Responding to social media and emails

  • Assisting in the organization and logistics of events, such as market stalls, movie screenings, beach clean ups, school/corporate talks, volunteer social events

  • Reporting and documenting of invoices

  • General admin duties


Ideal Candidate.

  • Passionate about sustainability, the environment and the community with a willingness to learn

  • Strong organisation skills

  • Attention to detail

  • Has own visa


Please send your CV to and we will be in touch.