Liquid of Life was born out of the belief that whilst we can have a negative impact on our environment, we are faced with choices everyday that will either continue to cause more harm to the planet or allow it to start healing. In the past 10 years Liquid of Life has helped over 2,000 households switch to filtered water, while working with over 150 corporates, preventing the consumption of millions of plastic water bottles and helping to reduce the carbon footprint associated with plastic bottled water consumption.

Liquid of Life provides Azraq office space at their offices in Motor City and assists with our events. They have provided filtered water for attendees at our beach clean ups and sponsorship of two of our movie screenings. We formed a partnership with Liquid of Life due to the fact that their core mission is to assist individuals, families and businesses save money whilst providing them with access to better quality drinking water, reducing their reliance on single us plastic bottles.




Boon Coffee is an organic specialty coffee roaster, providing the finest, freshest and most skillfully roasted coffee beans available in the UAE.

Boon Coffee provides Azraq with supplies of hessian bags for our beach clean ups. Azraq has partnered with Boon Coffee due to their values in giving back to the community, including the farming communities that provide them with their beautiful coffee beans in Ethiopia. Boon Coffee believes that education fosters opportunity, a belief that Azraq shares.




Led by employees, dnata4good is founded on passion, built by dedication and propelled by the volunteerism of the dnata family. Employees are encouraged to get involved with causes that are near and dear to them, including

recognizing the importance of respecting our environment through wildlife conservation and safeguarding nature.

dnata4good provides Azraq with supplies of gloves for our beach clean ups. Azraq partnered with dnata4good due to their shared values with ours, including the belief of quality education through programs that aim to be: impactful, sustainable and scalable.


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Dubai Chamber is a non-profit public organization whose mission is to represent, support and protect the interests of the business community in Dubai.

Azraq is a member of the Dubai Chamber’s “Engage Dubai” program, which provides valuable workshops and promotes our activities to their member outlets. Azraq partnered with Dubai Chamber due to their efforts to improve their environmental performance, including green building designs, the reduction of water and energy consumption and recycling materials including electronics.




Freedom Pizza is a take away and delivery pizza company born in the United Arab Emirates. Headquartered in Dubai, they have 11 locations across the United Arab Emirates with healthy growth plans for the rest of the UAE, the region and internationally.

Freedom Pizza is one of Azraq’s most active partners, collaborating with us to promote and take action in reducing single use plastic within the hospitality industry. Azraq partnered with Freedom Pizza due to the passion and inspiration of its founder, Ian Ohan and his ethos of providing quality service and forming strong local partnerships while minimising environmental impacts.




JWP is a UAE-based joinery workshop that specialises in the production, installation and maintenance of a wide range of display elements and furniture for the luxury retail sector, ranging from pop up stores and window displays to shop-in-shops and boutiques. JWP has provided Azraq trophies for events pro bono, including the designs and production. Azraq has formed a partnership with JWP based on their business model of long-term customer relationships and environmental sustainability.




Dutch Oriental provides a one-stop solution for all types of private and corporate events from weddings to annual gala dinners and ballroom events. They are a premier provider of luxurious yacths throughout the UAE and provide Azraq access to their fleet for our end of year event, providing Azraq 20% of ticket sales back to the organisation. Azraq has formed a partnership with Dutch Oriental due to their first class service in the event and hospitality industry.




IGNITE Surface is the destination for watersports lovers in Dubai. Offering SUP and kayaking lessons and rentals, paddle fitness programmes, kids beach themed parties and more. Located at the beautiful RIVA Beach Club on Palm Jumeirah, IGNITE Surface is centrally located with a great opportunity to explore the Palm Jumeirah from the water. Enjoy the flat waters at sunrise and a slight breeze and current in the afternoons. Ignite Surface provides in-water activities for Azraq’s events, offering us and our partners exclusive rates which enable them to connect or reconnect back to the local marine environment. Ignite Surface falls under the IGNITE brand which is focussed on fitness and wellness. Using education, inspiration and motivation, they spark the first step to a healthier lifestyle; a mission and goal that Azraq shares.




Lush is a well-recognised global handmade cosmetics brand with their bright and flamboyant soaps, creams and bath bombs underlining their lively image.

Lush assisted Azraq with marketing support and sponsorship of 5,000 AED in our first year of operations and have partnered with Azraq as a collection point for the #uselessutensils campaign. Azraq partnered with Lush due to their ethics and focus on improvement in the beauty industry.




Surfhouse Dubai was born in October 2005 and is now home to over 3000 members of like minded people with a respect for the ocean and love for surfing and stand-up paddle boarding in the region.

Surfhouse Dubai partnered with Azraq to host the very first Ocean Film Festival in the region in November 2018. Azraq partnered with Surfhouse Dubai due to their belief that the ocean has an extraordinarily positive effect on people's lives and their mission of puttig people in the water more often. Even if you have never surfed or paddled before, the Surf House is there to provide the information, environment and equipment to introduce you to these sports in a safe and fun way. And if neither of those are for you, well then they are just as happy for you to lounge at the Surf House, have a coffee and enjoy the perpetually good vibes.




Waste Me Not is the brainchild of sustainability artist, Mariska Nell who offers sustainable solutions through her consultancy and online store. Waste Me Not have partnered with Azraq to jointly conduct workshops turning trash into treasure and to design art pieces though single use plastic items. Azraq partnered with Waste Me Note due to their shared goal of educating the world about sustainability and how each one of us can help preserve our planet.


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Bags of the Future is a Dubai-based company offering a wide range of high quality reusable bags made from jute, cotton and juco (a jute/cotton mix). Bags of the Future have sponsored Azraq’s movie nights. Azraq partnered with Bags of the Future due to their focus of being sustainable and eco-friendly.




Shop Retold is a Dubai-based boutique that gives second hand clothes another chance. Shop Retold have sponsored Azraq’s movie nights. Azraq partnered with Shop Retold due to their focus on reducing environmental impacts within the fashion industry.


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The UAE Dolphin Project is a non-profit initiative dedicated to investigating the dolphin population along the UAE coastline, to provide scientific information and to support the conservation of these local marine species. Azraq has partnered with the UAE Dolphin Project to provide volunteers interested in marine conservation an option in addition to the programs run by Azraq and in turn, our volunteers are given greater opportunities and activities. Azraq has partnered with the UAE Dolphin Project due to their focus on research and making conservation efforts based on science, including citizen science.



save our world

Save Our World aims to raise awareness of environmental issues - empowering people to make a difference through making positive choices to help the planet everyday - starting in the Middle East by focussing on a series of five short books. The books focus on Eco-heroes and engage children in environmental, social and cultural topics which are relevant to their every day lives and which they can also relate to their school curriculum. 

 In the third book of the five book series, Save our World focuses on the issue of plastics in our oceans, a topic very near to the hearts of all within Azraq. We have decided to partner with Save our World due to their focus on awareness and education on topics that impact the marine environment.




K4B World is the abbreviation for Kids for a Better World and is the brainchild of teenager Sagarika Sriram (closely monitored by her loving parents) , K4B World focuses on getting youth involved in protecting the natural environment while installing the belief that no one is too big or small to make a difference.

Azraq has partnered with K4B World due to the passion Sagarika has and the leadership she has shown at such a young age, leading by doing and in our eyes is the United Arab Emirates’ version of Greta Thunberg!


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Sip-Stick provides a range of eco-friendly products to the market including, natural straws, bamboo re-useable straws, coconut shell bowls, bamboo tooth brushes, bamboo stir sticks and bamboo ear buds. 

Azraq and Sip-Stick have joined hands in order to reduce the footprint of single use plastic items. Our partnership encourages retailers to join Azraq initiative to clean local beaches, by using sip-stick products, where 5% of the sales will be contributed towards beach cleanups and local marine conservation in the UAE. 


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The essence of Myocum is fresh food, the feeling of community and a love of coffee With a strong focus on reducing single use plastic, Myocum not only provides good healthy food, but also gives customers the opportunity to purchased eco friendly merchandise at the restaurant. Myocum has provided sponsorship to Azraq and has partnered with us to undertake a beach clean for World Clean Up Day 2019. Azraq has partnered with Myocum due to their efforts to not only provide a sustainable menu, including a variety of plant based items, but also due to the efforts that co-owner Pascal Moser has made to reduce single use plastics within their operations.