We are constantly being asked by individuals and corporates on how they can help Azraq with our activities. At Azraq we dream big and like anyone have a wish list that will help us grow and develop our marine conservation activities.

Below are our current and realistic wishes; ways that you or someone you know or an organisation may be able to directly assist us with our activities.

We know that if we don’t ask we wont receive. We also know that the best way for us to operate is transparently. Wherever possible, Azraq wants our funds to go directly back to our marine conservation activities, however like any organisation we have overheads. By being a volunteer organisation, those overheads are low, however often times we find ourselves digging into our bank account for costs such as venue hire and auditing costs, which take away from us achieving our big dreams.

Below is how you may be able to help: 

  • Venue required in Dubai to hold workshops with students during school holidays or weekends for up to 50 people for no or low cost. 

  • Registered auditor who can provide annual audits for no or low cost. 

  • Venue required in Dubai to host four movie screenings a year for up to 150 people at no or low cost. 

  • A recycling plant, individual or organisation that can turn fishing nets into consumer products such as sunglasses, jewellery or toys.

Can you help with one of our wishes? GET IN TOUCH!